The Center of Amino Acid treatment in Prague has been providing effective treatment with the following diseases:
• infantile cerebral palsy (ICP)
• mental and speech retardation
• Down syndrome and others genetic
• Epilepsy
• Autism
• ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
• Alzheimer, stress, depression and many others

The role of amino acids in the brain function has been generally known for many years, while development in amino acid combinations from several components enabled the increase of their effectiveness.

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Advantages of amino-acids treatment
Individual treatment plan
Each treatment plan is tailored for the person’s individual needs
Easy to serve & use
Our amino acids are in capsules and easy for peroral taking
Treatment at home
You could receive our amino acids and administrate them at home or wherever you are
Delivery to your door
You are the most welcome to visit us for primary check up. Or you could book online primary check up and then we post our amino acids right to your door
Online support
During administration of our amino acids you could always to contact us and we can amend your individual plan of treatment to your current state

Efficacy of amino acids for treatment of neurological disease